New Construction


Building a superyacht is a long journey for all the parties included. Building a good yacht requires experience, good engineering, eye for detail, budget and people management skills, but above all a passion for yacht building.

Project Management and Consultancy


SYMC’s team includes project managers and project management office managers with shipyard experience. Because of that when it comes to manage a project with the right budget, right quality, right equipment choices and right cash flow you are at the right place.

Refit Services


SYMC is able to satisfy every request, guaranteeing a complete service.
Timeliness and precision for any problem with your yacht.
Professionalism, dedication and passion are the prerequisites for being part of the SYMC family; whether maintenance, service or refit, we are available 24/7.

Yacht Management Service


Being an Owner of the yacht is completely different from managing it. You need to understand all aspects of the yacht and crew needs, and also you need to re-discover these needs for every new yacht because all yachts are one of its kind.
Because of these reasons your yacht needs some special care from someone Professional.

Do you want to work with us?


With experience and the expertise that SYMC has more than 25 years as marine surveyor and project manager, SYMC can be your solution partner about all kind’s classification rules, owner requirements and best quality about your existing yachts or new building activities, retrofit activities, project consultancy, project management activities and all kind of progress reports and documentation.