Project Management and Consultancy

SYMC’s team includes project managers and project management office managers with shipyard experience. Because of that when it comes to manage a project with the right budget, right quality, right equipment choices and right cash flow you are at the right place.

New Build Management

With our years of experience as a project manager and marine surveyor, SYMC is the right choice to manage your new build projects. While you were waiting your new boat, SYMC will manage and check everything during construction, outfitting and finalizing phases. At the end of the day, you will have one state of art beauty with all your desires fitted in. SYMC will be the trusted partner and representative between you and the shipyard.

We closely supervise your newbuilding project in respect of conforming to the Building Technical Specifications and the approved drawings, production progress, production quality, ship performances, rules / regulations / codes / conventions compliances, actual completion status, Reason Delay, Findings and Rectification actions.

Any outstanding issues that may adversely affect the building schedule are immediately brought to the attention of the owners and Project Manager.