Being an Owner of the yacht is completely different from managing it. You need to understand all aspects of the yacht and crew needs, and also you need to re-discover these needs for every new yacht because all yachts are one of its kind.
Because of these reasons you yacht needs some special care from someone Professional. As SYMC we are at your service with our completely specialized personals. You can check our complete list of services below.

• 24/7 Shore-side Emergency Response
• Registration and Corporate Services liaison
• Accounting
• Purchasing
• Logistics
• ISM & ISPS services – including provision of DPA and CSO
• Mini-ISM for yachts under 500 GT
• Payroll

• Marine and Crew Insurance administration
• Cruising itinerary and travel advice
• Crew administration, including MLC compliance
• Technical management
• Survey planning, scheduling and orchestration
• Compliance
• Refit management
• Crew search